About IE

Back in 2001..
Illegal Elements pretty much goes all the way back to 2001 where Mysta, Osiris, Shibby (RIP Brother), MJ and myself Agester all met gaming in Age of Empires. Eventually we moved onto other games such as Counter Strike, Battle Field, WOW, etc.. all the way to the present Clash of Clans. If you ever want to know the whole story just ask Agester.

But to sum it up..
We're a bunch of adults living vicariously through games to be children again.

Special Shoutouts:
And this is a special shout-out to those who continue to keep the IE family alive, and more importantly working together despite our assholeish differences..

Agester - the best at everything duh... leadership, website making, gaming, yo mama.
Meiam - aka Agester's father who has a passion for analytics, extremely loyal, and strives to outsmart the competition at a moments notice.
Eze - one competitive dude, magnetic personality, and a unimaginable drive for excellence, but a heart at the core.
Blades of Chaos - extremely competitive, sarcastic, the wind to our sails, says it how it is, and some would argue the leader of our TX family.
Russell Where to start... Haha. Uhh he's our challenged mascot and if you dont know him, prepare to be Russellized.
JP - Like a Dwarf from the Hobbit, loves his golden walls and late to the party, but you can always count on him to show and do some damage.
Stephen - One nice fucking dude... The end.
Shiner - He is one quiet mofo, but very dependable, and always kicks ass and takes names.
Dawn - Hilarious sense of humor, brother to many, very competitive, and strives for perfection. His worst enemy is himself.

Honorable Mentions:
Bdawg - Retired...
TroyLove - Retired playing clash royale.
Chili - Retired...